Leak Detection Services

CEI maintains a team of highly-qualified, experienced, and safety-oriented leak detection specialists which serve numerous parts of North America. Our leak detection service crews offer the expertise necessary to deliver water department objectives. We utilize state-of-the-art analog and digital leak detection equipment to identify, pinpoint, measure, and reduce water losses in metallic and non-metallic systems with varying pressure zones in rural, suburban, and high-density areas with varied distances between assets such as hydrants, valves, and meters.

Our history of success is built on the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) iterative problem-solving model. The quality of CEI’s team efforts are defined by our customer, so their feedback is critical for project success. We firmly believe that what gets measured gets improved so, by planning a detailed work program and schedule with metrics, we are able to start the Comprehensive Leak Detection Services on solid footing with results going back into the PDSA feedback loop.

CEI performs built-in QA/QC for data and in-field findings in a manner of efficiency which has proven to lead to aggressive schedules. By minimizing costs, focusing on safety, and maximizing throughput capacity, CEI is able to provide water loss reduction savings at competitive pricing.

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