Site Improvements

CEI takes great pride in keeping abreast of federal, state, and local regulations that affect the ever-changing spectrum of infrastructure and development needs in the private and public sectors at all levels. Since 1984, we’ve been involved in sites of all types. Our areas of expertise includes paving, drainage, grading, utilities, landscaping, and MEP.

City of Cleveland – Eastside Maintenance Facility

Cleveland Eastside Maintenance Facility

CEI provided civil design work including grading, drainage, paving, parking lot layout, proposed utilities, fencing, and access for pedestrians and buses as a sub-consultant to Richard L. Bowen and Associates, who was responsible for the engineering, cost estimating, special inspection, and specialized equipment procurement, and other professional services.

GCRTA – E. 55th Station

GCRTA E.55th-Station

Civil design work including grading, drainage, relocation of utilities, and access for pedestrians and buses as a sub-consultant to Richard L. Bowen and Associates who was responsible for the architectural work.

State of Ohio – Cleveland State University Superlot Design

Design of 6 new parking lots including surveying, parking lot layout, landscape architecture, lighting, electrical, and pavement design for Cleveland State University.